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Dennis is an accomplished trial lawyer who has spent his career advocating for his clients. He has tried over 200 jury trials across the United States and internationally and has published hundreds of articles in various publications, including legal journals, newspapers, blogs, and others. In 2022, Dennis published his first legal book “Understanding Mail Fraud and Wire Fraud: A Nonattorneys’ Guide”.

Dennis’ passion for storytelling is what makes him an extraordinary trial lawyer and author. His writing is a unique combination of his legal background and limitless creativity. Explore his books and short stories and get in touch with Dennis to engage in discussions, inquire about his upcoming projects, or simply to share your thoughts.

Book: Understanding Mail Fraud and Wire Fraud

Mail fraud and wire fraud are among the most common white-collar cases prosecuted by the US government. Barely a day goes by without a mail fraud or wire fraud case appearing in the newspaper or on television news. But what exactly are mail fraud and wire fraud?

This publication delves into the intricacies of these legal statutes to provide clarity for the layperson, elucidating their scope and limitations. Beyond the sensational headlines, it dissects the complex language of the laws, utilizing practical real-life scenarios to demystify the statutes for all readers. Key concepts such as “a scheme or artifice to defraud” or “an intent to defraud” are explained in depth, enabling readers to grasp the substance behind media reports.

Moreover, these statutes harbor pitfalls for the unsuspecting. Not every business venture gone awry constitutes fraud, nor does every misstatement in a commercial context amount to “fraud.” Innocent errors abound. Distinguishing between criminal behavior and poor judgment is crucial in discerning when these statutes are applicable and when they are not. Through successive chapters, this publication sheds light on these critical distinctions.

It is essential to note that the information presented herein does not constitute legal advice; rather, it serves as general informational guidance. Readers are encouraged to consult their legal counsel regarding specific legal matters and refrain from acting solely based on the information contained in this publication without obtaining appropriate legal advice from a qualified attorney in the relevant jurisdiction. Only legal professionals can ascertain the applicability of the information provided to individual circumstances.

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Book: The Beast of Winter Haven

In a quaint mountain town in Northern Pennsylvania, a series of brutal murders terrorizes the community. As pressure mounts to solve the crimes, police suspect drifter Russell Strait, but defense attorney Edwin Reynolds harbors doubts. A tense chess match ensues between Ed and the real killer, culminating in a climactic betrayal. With lives at stake, the shocking truth emerges, challenging beliefs and perceptions.

In a picturesque mountain resort town in Northern Pennsylvania, a string of brutal murders sends shockwaves through the community. Five women meet gruesome ends, their bodies horrifically dismembered and scattered. The savage nature of the crimes prompts investigators to question if they’re facing a serial killer or something even more sinister. As pressure mounts for a swift resolution, an anonymous tip directs the police’s focus to Russell Strait, a transient drawn to the local ski resort. Despite seemingly incriminating evidence, defense attorney Edwin Reynolds, appointed by the county judge, grapples with doubts. As Ed delves deeper into the case, he wonders if the true culprit remains at large, ready to strike again. A gripping battle of wits unfolds between Ed and the killer, each move escalating towards a climactic betrayal that threatens to upend everything. With lives hanging in the balance, the shocking truth emerges, challenging perceptions and beliefs, perhaps too unbelievable for the court or anyone else to accept.

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